Planting Trees with FFtri

Great collective action with planting trees in France

Sports for Future

Sports to protect our Planet and our Future.

Tree-cap 2024

Discover the different projects your activities have been supporting.

New Year, New Reforestation Partner

We have joined forces with Veritree!

Premier ESG Marketplace

We're featuring the launch of the ESG Market Place!

Sport jobs for the Planet

Read our interview with Robin Parmelin, founder of Play for the Planet, the platform for sports jobs with purpose.

180 Degrees Consulting x Active Giving

Happy about the results and support provided by the consulting team of 180 Degrees

Exploring Circularity in Sportswear Fashion

Join our panel about circularity in sports!

Joy of Movement Morning Run

Join us at ISPO in Munich for a Joy of Movement Morning Run.

Preloved Sportswear Market

Join the first Sports Circularity event in Berlin to give second life to Sportswear!

Hang & Cycle for trees challenge

Climate action at its best in Innsbruck!

Cleaning-up Innsbruck

Led by trail running athlete Adrian Niski, we kicked off Alpinmesse with a community cleanup run.

Elevate your ride safely!

Make your experience of the mountains safer with W3Mountain.

The Earthshot Prize 2023

Global Forest Generation & Acción Andina named a winner of The Earthshot Prize

Alpinmesse Clean-Up Run

Join us for the Alpinmesse Clean Up Run on November 11th and save 50% on your Alpinmesse ticket!

Impulse Network Summit 2023

W're excited to take part in Impulse Network Summit

Green Heroes

We are nominated Green Heroes and so do you!

Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge

Discover the sustainability commitments of SpinneysUAE.

New studio for Evo Fitness

Evo Fitness is opening its 2nd club in Berlin Mitte.

STORM unlimited memberships for life

Sign to the STORM Team Germany today and win great prize!

L’Eau-Dyssée, paddling for the planet

Follow Axel Férard on his last eco-adventure of the year.

Berlin Trail Testival

Join the Berlin Trail community during the Berlin Trail Testival.

Green Sports Day 2023

The 8th Annual Green Sports Day returns on October 6th

Interview with Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael

We had the chance to meet with Faircado's co-founder and CEO, Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael.

New Sponsor : faircado

Discover how faircado will help you find your next sport item.

IBU Staff Climate Challenge 2023

IBU Staff members actives to support POW

The Wonder Grand Clean-up

We are ready to clean the city of Bruxelles!

The role of Sport in the Climate Change

Join us this weekend in Bruxelles at The Wonder Festival

Berlin Marathon Special

Turn your Berlin marathon kilometers into trees with WINQS

Projet AZUR across Brittany

Another eco-adventure completed by Projet AZUR.

Eco-Conscious Runners’ Guide

Come discover the Sustainability Hub for Runners at the Berlin Marathon Expo

Sustainability Hub Berlin Marathon Expo

Together with WINQS we have created a Sustainability Hub for Runners at the Berlin Marathon Expo

World Clean-Up Day Celebrations

Climate collective positive action at its best!

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis Sport

Active Giving is nominated for the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis.

Axel Férard cycling through France

Axel Férard has taken on the challenge of crossing France from north to south by bike, in 13 day!

Potsdamer Platz Festival Run Club

Let's come together for 3 days of running activities at Potsdamer Platz.

World Clean-Up Day Party

- 𝑺𝑨𝑽𝑬 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑫𝑨𝑻𝑬 - To kick off 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐂𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐮𝐩 𝐃𝐚𝐲, we cordially invite you to a cleanup event followed by a party!

Active Giving x IFA

We invite you to IFA Berlin to discover IFA's Sustainability Village.

5 000 000 kilometers

Our community logged more than 5 000 000 running kilometers!

Active Giving goes PACEPRESSO

Active Giving on the PACEPRESSO Podcast!

Green Go for more responsible tourism

Travelling responsible in France with Green Go

Time for a new eco-adventure 🚴🏼‍♀️

Solène Chevreuil embarking in a cycling journey to raise awareness of the importance of water quality

GR223 in 21 days

New eco-adventure completed for Aline Varinot and the team Ecoavanturiers Sport Planète

Book your next race and do good

With Racemappr each booking has a positive impact on the planet!

Second Relais Ac-tree-vation

We spent the week-end in Paris with Second Relais and cycled for trees!

Normandy Challenge completed

Axel Férard Éco-Aventurier to raise awareness among citizens and schoolchildren of local agriculture.

Clean-up Hamburg

Together with the running community in Hamburg we helped Sankt Pauli became a teeny bit cleaner.

Rand’eau Raid completed!

Nicolas Vandenelsken broke the record of the GR®34 during his Rand'eau Raid!

World Environment Day 2023

Today is a perfect day to start Eco Adventures!

Outdoor by ISPO

Turn your morning run into trees during Outdoor by ISPO

Run Smart Not Hard

8 runners embark in a non-stop journey of 420kms relay race.

Rand’eau Raid

Rand'eau Raid, the new eco-adventure of Nicolas Vandenelsken.

Sport Sponsors Climate Pledge

Groundbreaking initiative to ignite real, sustainable change within the sports industry.

Eco-Games Paris 2023

Sport Planète Eco-Games, a week to put sports performance at the service of our planet.

Sarah Hanffou takes the bronze

Sarah Hanffou brings the bronze to Cameroun


Discover the story being Trees4Breeze in celebration of their 20 000 trees milestone.

Vote for Active Giving

Active Giving has been nominated for the Online Business Award 2023 in the "Digital Sustainability" category.

Clean-up our city

On Earth Day we came together as a community to clean-up our city.

World Table Tennis Day 2023

Celebrate World Table Tennis Day with Toucan, a berlin based eco-friendly tennis table brand.

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day.

On April 22nd, our world will come together to remind each other that our planet is a precious gift.

Dance x Active Giving

E-bike for the planet with Dance!

Help & Run for Free

Support Viva Con Agua the Hamburg Marathon

Cleanup & Chill

Let's clean-up our city together to celebrate Earth Day 2023.

Final Results for POW Mobility Month 2023!

229,527 kms tracked during the POW Mobility Month

AG User Survey Summary

Thank you for taking part of our community survey.

The Fair Cottage

The Fair Cottage joins Active Giving.

Sarah Hanffou on the road to Paris 2024

Welcome Sarah Hanffou and her team on Active Giving.

Scoring for the People and the Planet

Happy International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2023

Earth Month 2023

The month of EARTH has started!

Earth Hour 2023

Switching off the lights on Saturday March 25th

World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023 is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

Forests and Health

International Day of Forests is celebrated annually on March 21 to raise awareness of the significance of preserving forests.

Berlin 2023 Klimaneutral

Vote YES on March 26th and call on politicians to act!

Europe 1 goes Active Giving

Active Giving featured a great review on how to combine sport and ecology

The 10th European Health and Fitness Forum

Join the 10th European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) in Cologne on April 12th.

We celebrate our 3rd Anniversary

3 years ago the company Active Giving was officially created.

Protest Run in Berlin 💜

Hundreds of runners came together to celebrate International Womens Day in Berlin!

Community Survey

This is your chance to give your input on Active Giving so we can continue to evolve 💫

POW Mobility Month

The POW Mobility Month 2023 campaign challenges the outdoor community to reduce their travel emissions!

International Women’s Day 2023

Join International Women's Day Running Demo on March 7th, 2023 in Berlin.

European Cycling Strategy

European Parliament calls to double cycling in Europe by 2030.

Athletes call for greater climate action

Snowsports' athletes call for greater climate action and transparency from The International Ski and Snowboard Federation.

Audi Triathlon Ingolstadt

Swim, bike, run together with the Audi Triathlon Ingolstadt

Happy 2023

New Year and new chances to be active and do good!

World Record for the Climate

A World Record for the Climate to address the importance of living in harmony with Nature while being Active!

First-ever Sports for Nature Framework

Sports organisations commit to safeguard nature under new framework

5 000 trees for Team Uni-Vert Sport

Another milestone for Uni-Vert Sport where sports meet planet.

100 marathons in 100 days completed

This weekend the Greenicotour completed its 100th consecutive marathon.

Active Giving Newsletter

Get the latest updates of the Active Giving community

Greenicotour Final Stages

Join Nicolas on the last stages of his eco-adventure

Plogging World Record

A new record for Clément and the Ploggathon Team

Welcome to Alpakas!

Discover our new partner Alpakas, a plastic free, sustainable grocery delivery company.

ISPO goes Active Giving

ISPO Munich joins forces with Active Giving to inspire climate collective action through sport!

Green Month by Tourlane

Over 1300 planted during the Green Month organised by our partner Tourlane and more...

The Outdoor Industry Demands Climate Policy

Protect Our Winters is calling for all those in the outdoor industry to sign the letter and join this movement for a better future.

Green Heroes Nomination

Vote for Active Giving as the Green Heroes 2022!

Welcome Gillian to the Active Giving Team

Meet Gillian Rosh, the newest member of the Active Giving Team.

Global Status Report on Physical Activity 2022

500m people globally will develop preventable diseases at a cost of US$300bn by 2030, due to lack of exercise, says WHO.

GFG celebrates 4th anniversary.

4 years and 3.8 million native trees planted! Happy 4th anniversary to our partner Global Forest Generation

Run for Equal Mental Health

How important is the role of running in Mental Health?

TFTF Impact Report 2022

Another year with more impact for Trees for the Future

10 001 to 20 002

First STORM Trooper community milestone of planting 10.001 trees.

Green Sport Day

A special day to acknowledge the achievements of organisations that are using innovative approaches to tackle climate change through sports.

The Conscious Festival

Join The Conscious Festival, and educational and festive event about sustainability focusing on Business, Planet, Fashion, and Wellbeing.

Running Out of Time, the record breaking relay for climate action

Join thousands of runners, cyclists and sailors for an epic, record breaking 7,767 km non-stop relay to help deliver a message on climate action.

World Car-Free Day

Today is World Car Free day a great opportunity to encourage people around the world to use non-motorized transport.

Global Climate Strike 2022

On Friday, September 23 will be held the Global Climate Strike 2022.

First two weeks on the GreeNicoTour

Already 14 stages completed, 14 marathons, more than 300 young people inspired.

10 000 trees in Tanzania

Thanks to your efforts 10 000 trees will be planted in the Mara region of Northwestern Tanzania.

Rowing for the planet

During the Masters of Libourne, Active Giving, the French Federation of Rowing and MAIF joined forces to reforest the planet.

French language is now available on the Active Giving app!

BONJOUR 🇫🇷🌳 French language is now available on the Active Giving app!

Martial Arts for the Planet with Nuno Dias

Meet with our Activator Nuno Dias and his team Martial Arts for the Planet.

Green Nico Tour 2022

100 marathons in 100 days, the new challenge of Nicolas Vandenelsken for his GreeNicoTour 2022.

Plogging – New Activity

To celebrate Cleanup Month in September, Active Givers can now log their plogging activities.

1 000 000 sport activities for the Planet

Another meaningful milestone for the Active Giving community.

Twelve marathons in 13 days for the planet

Another great challenge taken up by Benjamin Cattiau and Uni-vert Sport.

The F.F.TRI launches its Connected Sport Planet Challenge

The FF Tri inspires triathletes to participate in the reforestation of the French territory.

Evo Fitness 500 trees!

Our partner Evo Fitness has now helped plant 500 trees!

More trees with TFTF

Our community has now helped the plantation of 545 699 trees with Trees for the Future

Ironathon of Millau

Imagine completing an Iron Man distance triathlon while picking up trash... Well Clement Chapel did it.

Clean-up run for our Oceans

Another day, another good reason to do a clean-up run.

Our first Climate Fresk in Brussels

For the first time we hosted a Climate Fresk with our eco-adventurer Nicolas and Fiona.

When eco-adventurers meet

Last week the Suncycling Odyssey passed through Belgium and so did we.

World Oceans Day 2022

Oceans regulate the climate and provides livelihoods for billions.

Active Giving Movie

We are proud to show you our first short movie made by Adlips Films.

World Bicycle Day 2022

Today we celebrate our love for cycling together!

Global Running Day 2022

It's time to celebrate running (as always)

Challenge Sport Planet

Three eco-adventurers from the Sport Planète collective will complete a triathlon between Caen, Honfleur and Deauville.

Plant Trees. Save Lives

Another milestone has been reached through your support in Eden Reforestation Projects

Founder of the Year Award

Active Giving is nominated in the category #sustainability for the "Founder of the Year Award"

Run for Water 2022

From 21.-28. April 2022, join Viva con Agua and thousands of runners will run for clean drinking water.

Trees For The Future – Active Giving Impact Report 2021

Together with our community and partners we have supported the plantation of 388 550 Trees in 2021.

The 24 hours of the mask

Another eco-challenge accomplished by Clément Chapel and his team!

World Health Day 2022

Let's restore health and global wellbeing all together!

‘Moving Forward Together’ – EHFF 2022

The 9th European Health & Fitness Forum to be held in Cologne on the 6th April 2022

Athletes Stand Up

Lace up for #peace during your next run and support Athletes Stand Up.

POW Mobility Week

Trade the plane for train and the car for the bike during POW Mobility Week organised by Protect Our Winters Europe.

First 50 000 trees collected by team Clippedinandfree

Alina and her team reached the first 50 000 trees milestone!

International Day of Forests 2022

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests in 2012 to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

The Suncycling Odyssey

Since March 4th, Fiona Colantuono has embarked for The Suncycling Odyssey, a 4 months bike tour with the intention to meet the key players of the energy transition in 10 European countries.

Our company Active Giving turns 2

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the creation of Active Giving as a company (GmbH in Germany).

Biathlon for Ukraine

The International Biathlon Union is calling all biathlon fans and athletes to collect donations for Ukraine through their Biathlon for Ukraine Team on Active Giving.

We run for EQUALITY | We stand with UKRAINE 💙💛

Join us on March 8th for International Womxn's Day, together we'll run in the streets of Berlin and protest for Peace and equality in the world.

Active for UKRAINE

We have added two non-profit projects inside the Active Giving app that are proactively responding to this humanitarian catastrophe. 

Welcome to our new partner Exakt Health

We're happy to introduce our new partner Exakt Health - a running injury treatment reengineered!

« AppSolute » Must Have

Tri-Mag Germany chooses Active Giving as part of their must have apps!Tri-Mag

Green Lab

When the Active Giving community creates their own ecosystem of plants and moss in a closed glass jar, Terrarium. 

Master Born Active

Our partner Master Born and their team of active employees care!

First milestone for STORM

Our STORM Boutique Fitness community partner has reached their first 1000 trees milestone!

3 000 trees for team Yoga with Ricarda

A new milestone of 3 000 trees for team Yoga with Ricarda

Rangers go 30 000 trees!

Team Running Rangers has now reached the 30 000 trees milestone!

OCEANSAPART, we are one for the trees!

OCEANSAPART launch TEAMOA with a goal to plant 5000 trees!

Your Super 50 000 Trees

The power of super plants helps plant 50 000 trees.

1000 trees for Runamics Planters

Runamics Planters reach their 1000 trees goal in only 13days!

Green Week with Planetics

Join Planetics and turn the Black Week into a Green Week.

5 000 trees for Team Nike Lorenz

Time to celebrate with Team Nike Lorenz and their first 5 000 trees!

The ‘10001’ STORM Campaign

STORM Boutique Fitness is launching their 10001 Trees campaign with Active Giving and will be hosting 6 workouts in November.

Clean-up Heroes

As part of the Delivery Hero "Hero-Month", we had the chance to clean-up the streets of Berlin with employees from Delivery Hero

1 000 000 trees

Exercising for the planet - Climate tech startup Active Giving and its community has already helped the plantation of 1 000 000 trees.

500 000 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects

Our Active Giving community has already supported the plantation of 500 000 trees with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

25 000 trees for Running Rangers

Another milestone for Team Running Ranger

500 000 trees with Trees For The Future

Our Active Giving community has already supported the plantation of 500 000 trees with our partner Trees for the Future!

Tennis for Trees

We teamed-up with Tennis Point to make our planet greener!

24H of Time

40 000kms race around the world for climate action.

The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon

Join us for the world’s only mindful triathlon in Berlin.

40 000 trees for Team Clippedandfree

Another great milestone for our #activator Alina and her Team Clippedandfree.

Celebrating the sport of running and our planet.

Runner's World Magazine features Active Giving - the future of the planet is running!

32 years of impact with Trees for the Future

Our tree planting partner Trees for the Future is celebrating 32 years of impact!

20 000 trees for Running Rangers

160 runners and nature lovers that are dedicating their runs for the planet!

A tour de France running for the planet

4000 km running, in 116 stages, with the aim of raising awareness about the preservation of our planet.

On our way to half a million trees planted with TFTF

In May our total contribution to Trees for the Future was over 366 470 trees.

Get Ready For RIDE4WATER

Let's ride together for clean drinking water in Uganda


We are happy to introduce our new partner UNIQLO and their new collaboration with Swedish top athletes, a UNIQLO+ collection that embodies a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Plogging Special

We want to combine a quiet run with a good deed, and collect trash that others have left behind. 

Conquer 100 completed!

Congratulations to James Lawrence who completed his 100th consecutive full Iron Cowboy distance triathlon!

UN World Ocean Day

The ocean is what makes our planet habitable for all life.

Celebrating 500 000 trees on World Environment Day!

We're proud of our community, our partners and our platform projects that are helping us making a powerful impact.

Global Running Day 2021

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving.

Happy 1st anniversary

June 1st marks the 1st anniversary of the Active Giving app 📱💪🏼🌳

3 500 native trees in support of Global Forest Generation

Our Active community's first contribution of 3 500 native trees in support of Global Forest Generation (GFG) and Acción Andina.

Biathlon Climate Challenge completed: 100,000 trees to be planted

In just 25 days, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) and its Biathlon Climate Challenge has reached its goal of 100,000 trees to be planted.

Your Super 25 000 Trees

The power of super plants helps plant 25 000 trees.

1 000 000 kilometers run!

The Active Giving community  just passed 1 000 000 kilometers run!

101 100 Trees and 1 010 Work Days with Eden

101,000 Trees and 1,010 Work Days provided to our tree planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects thanks to our community of Active Givers and partners!

Two plogging world records in one weekend!

Our Activators Clément Chapel and Nicolas Vandenelsken’s GreeNicoTour team set two new world plogging records last weekend,

Earth Day 2021: IBU announces Biathlon Climate Challenge

The International Biathlon Union is announcing the first Biathlon Climate Challenge, which aims to connect an active lifestyle with climate action.

Going for Green

The USA Women's 7s Players have launched a national, interactive tree-planting initiative in support of our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Wings For Life

Join our Activator Marlon, aka FINN for the coming Wings For Life World Run as he'll lead the On team for Germany.

Run 4 Water

To celebrate World Water Day we have decided to join the RUN4WATER week with our friends from Viva Con Agua.

Day of Forests

International Day of Forests for 2021 : Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being

A race to plant 5000 trees

On is partnering with Active Giving to sponsor the planting of 5000 trees.

Workout and Learn

Learn while you're working out with unlimited access to audiobooks!

Trees – the answer to growing quality Cacao

Our partner Moruga Cacao gives us an insight into the most sustainable way of growing cacao in the tropics.

Your Super 15 000 trees

The power of super plants to plant 15 000 trees

Conquer 100

100 Triathlons in 100 consecutive days and a goal 10 000 Trees with Iron Cowboy!


The Nu+ Company joins Active Giving to increase the number of trees planted!

Brazil, wildlife corridors

625 trees planted with our partner We Forest are already registered as restored in their project "Brazil, wildlife corridors" located in the Atlantic Forest.

#zumBäumeeinplanzen with Nike Lorenz

Meet with our Activator Nike and her team #zumBäumeeinplanzen

Sportswear made from wood

With VIDAR Sport you can finally wear sportswear that is 100% free of plastic.

2021 Trees for Team Nathan

Team NATHAN is running for 2021 trees for Trees For The Future.

150 000 TREES

Your support has enabled the plantation of 150 000 trees in 2020!

2020 Year in Review | Eden Reforestation Projects

Thank you for an amazing 2020 with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Runamics, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional sportswear

runamics develops truly eco-friendly alternatives to conventional sportswear.

Eco-Friendly gift ideas

What about gifting your beloved ones with presents that are great to give, wonderful to get, and good for the planet.

Active For Trees with Laura-Lee

Meet with our Activator Laura-Lee and her team Active For Trees

EU’s five-year strategy to promote physical activity

Promoting physical activity as a preventative healthcare measure has been listed as a key priority in the European Union's five-year strategy.

How You Helped Change the World in 2020 with Eden

Despite its challenges, 2020 has been an incredibly productive year for our partner Eden Reforestation Projects and more than 423 million trees were planted!

Celebrating Giving Tuesday with Fabletics

Celebrate this year's Giving Tuesday with athleisure brand Fabletics and their goal to regenerate 8 000 trees with Justdiggit.

Gorillas Faster Than You

200 trees per day with the Gorillas riders! The new delivery service that is faster than you.

Yoga On The Move-Us

We are happy to welcome Yoga On The Move on Active Giving. By creating their own team they will inspire all their yogis to keep being active and doing good for our planet.

Fresh Water For You – Trees For the World

Keego's mission is to bringing clean, healthy and sustainable drinking into the world of sports.

Online Classes Calendar

Together with our friends STRIDE 4 GOOD - we are providing you with a calendar of online classes that you could take from home (or from the office). 

Mindful Triathlon

Earlier this month Active Giving was invited to take part of the Wanderlust 108 -  The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon - Combining a 5K run, yoga, and meditation.

Urban Art Run for Trees

Last Saturday our community gathered in Berlin to celebrate the art of the city while running. 

Active Giving travels to Australia

Our Activator Lily Brazel takes us on a trip to Australia.

Pedal To Empower

Join our platform partner World Bicycle Relief’s annual signature ride wherever you are and empower women and girls around the world to break down barriers with bikes.


Our Activator Marlon aka FINN ran for a consecutive 31 hours and 15 minutes as part of the Speed Project 2020. Read more about it...

Active Giver Interview: René

Meet our Active Giver René and join his team.

Trees for the Future: 2nd Quarter Update

Learn about efforts and achievements of our partner Trees for the Future.

The Buffalo Bicycle

The Buffalo Bicycle isn’t your typical bike, it meets the needs of people in rural regions of developing countries.

Endangered Species in Madagascar

What began as primarily mangrove restoration and reforestation in 2007 grew to include a variety of native dry deciduous species in 2012.

A panda that wants to save the world

About the history of WWF

About the WeForest Project in Brazil

Learn how WeForest improves our planet's environment and creates living habitats for animals.

About the CityTree

The world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality in cities.

The Forest Garden Approach

The Forest Garden approach by Trees for the Future helps land-owners to reach financial security within 4 years.

Why Do Trees Matter to Us?

Read about trees and their positive impacts on the planet and its people.