Active Giving is happy to welcome Gillian Rosh to the team as our head of partnerships for the outdoor industry. Gillian, a self-described sustainability specialist working at the intersection of business and sports. Gillian tends to matters relating to marketing, sustainable innovations and partnership management. We’re delighted that she’s brought her passion for the mountains and the outdoors to Active Giving. As a die-hard optimist and a person of action, her goal is to make sustainability tangible for brands and welcoming to their communities.

Since Gillian was born, the spirit of adventure and the love for mountains was all around her. Growing up in this culture gave her the space to build strong values, meet loads of people from different backgrounds and personally develop herself. In the past 20 years she has been adventuring in the mountains and beyond and couldn’t help but noticing the negative effect of climate change,  nowpack decrease, tree lines disappear, days getting warmer. That is why she has made her life’s mission to inspire positive change in the world.

«  I am a woman who wants to facilitate sustainability to create just and regenerative communities (society or people) using my passion for outdoor recreation and business. »


Gillian’s hobbies are : skiing, hiking, yoga, baking, reading and knitting (only on trains when she is bored)

Gillian’s passions are : environmentalism, outdoor sports, people

Gillian’s book recommendations areThe Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson or The Overstory by Richard Powers or Harpo Speaks! by Harpo Marx

Gillian’s film recommendations are : What We Do in the Shadows or Pretty Faces: The Story of a SkierGirl

Gillian’s favorite recipes are : Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies for sweet and sage butter sauce over homemade raviolis for savory

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