In June 2018, Global Forest Generation was founded with the goal of catalyzing large-scale, community led restoration initiatives across the globe. In the last 4 years, their flagship initiative Acción Andina has already achieved:

  • 3.8 million native trees planted, with 2.7 million more on the way for this season
  • 2,177 hectares reforested (5379 acres)
  • 21 on the ground conservation leaders supported
  • 90 communities actively involved
  • 15,000 people participating in restoration projects

We are inspired and humbled at everything that GFG’s on-the-ground partners have achieved so far and the 13 000 trees planted that our community has supported. We are very much looking forward for what’s coming next with GFG.

Message from the GFG team to all of you : “We are deeply grateful for supporting our mission of large-scale ecosystem restoration!