As part of their mission to improve mobility access for all, World Bicycle Relief designed a special Bicycle called the Buffalo. The Buffalo is a stronger, simpler, and more sustainable bicycle that is adaptable to rural areas. s. The Buffalo Bicycle allows riders to travel efficiently with minimal maintenance to the Bicycle. If maintenance is needed, spare parts and assembly the organization implemented shops in the operating regions.

The bike has the following special features: The rear carrier is able to hold at least 100kg of weight for transportation, this carrier can be easily loaded through a stable stand that normally belongs on a motorcycle. Additionally, Safety is provided through coaster brakes which function in all weather conditions. The brakes function without a cable, reducing the need for spare parts and allowing the rider to slow the rear wheel through a back-pedaling action.
he bike is dependable because it is equipped with a strong metal frame and a heavy gauge oversized steel tube. Furthermore, the puncture-resistant long-wear tyres are placed around heavy gauge spokes and rims that can withstand all types of surfaces. . The Buffalo comes with forged axle pedals that result in better power delivery and increase the speed of the rider. Last but not least, the bike is equipped with a durable and ergonomic seat.

The organization is constantly collecting feedback from the riders and developing the bicycle to maximize its impact on the society it is operating in. Currently, one Buffalo can be provided for a price of 134€.