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New Non-Profit


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Meet Alex


Alex and sports are inseparable, even if he does not have a main sport. He rather loves to use all kinds of activities to stay as fit as possible. This includes: cycling, swimming, workout, boxing, rowing and more! In addition, there is nothing that he enjoys more than a good competition, so if you are ready, he is waiting for your challenge! Alex joined Active Giving as an intern [...]

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Meet Brittany


Brittany is a certified yoga instructor and happy to roll out her yoga mat whenever and wherever! Are you curious about how to collaborate with Active Giving? Brittany can figure out how we can best support your company or project. Whether it be initiating a new digital marketing collaboration, coordinating an exclusive team challenge or funding a social or environmental project. Here are some personal facts about Britt: What food [...]

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Meet Laurent


Laurent will keep you going. His positive attitude to life and his active lifestyle will inspire you to tag along and be active too. But be aware, he will also get you to ice-dip in the winter months. If you are a professional athlete or a sport event organizer and you would like to have a positive impact on your community and the planet, Laurent can help you engage [...]

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Meet Till


You wanna go for a run in Berlin and learn all about trees and forests? Then you should join Till and he will show you around Berlin's Grunewald, which is his home turf for short, medium or long runs under any condition. Till will ensure that the Active Giving app will keep you motivated and active while contributing to a good cause. He will make sure that the app [...]

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The early days of Active Giving


Prior to the foundation of Active Giving GmbH co-founder, Laurent Petit, launched the initiative as a social media campaign as a way to give back while following his passion. Here is his story on how the idea came about…. “As the founder of Berlin’s Urban Art Run I continuously think of new ways to keep my community active. My drive to bring people together plus the time I spent [...]

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Why Trees Matter to Us


You might have wondered, why we are so fascinated with trees. And if you are still wondering, then read on; we guarantee that you will love trees and forests afterwards. Before we start, we ask you to do the following: take a deep breath for 3,2,1. Go! Done? Nice, then say “thanks trees for this fresh air.” To keep a very long story short: we are convinced, trees [...]

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