Cheryl is a tiny ball of energy when it comes to sports, people and new ideas. She studies in Berlin and trains with the Berlin Track Club, and is fueled with peanut butter and brings people together for runs.

Passionate about languages, photography and sports, Cheryl will be working on communications and media to strengthen Active Giving’s reach and impact in the community. You can be sure to see more about Active Giving’s stories and our local community with her on board!

Here are some personal facts about Cheryl:

  • What food comes onto your plate? Mostly home-made. Lots of veggies, lots of carbs, and some adventurous dishes when I don’t burn down the kitchen.
  • What do you always have as snacks at home? PEANUT BUTTER.
  • What fear of getting older do you have? Looking back and regretting not working hard enough.
  • What topic/activity/environment can you lose yourself in? Running. Anywhere, anytime, even better with a running buddy and amazing conversation.
  • My Sport(s): Running, weight training, football, dancing and gymnastics.
  • What do you hope never changes? The beautiful nature we have.
  • What do you wish you knew more about? How to reach and influence more people.
  • The no. 1, why you are part of Active Giving: Turning my passion for sports into good for the planet.