A recent U.N. report stated that earth will hit critical warming threshold by early 2030s, nonetheless it’s still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels. Doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars of investments and therefore big changes.

As actors for change we, at Active Giving, are also aware that if we want to lead our company and community of Active Givers through the next three years (and beyond), in our quest to reduce the level of physical inactivity in society and to revert climate change, we would have to adapt as well. 

To define future product specifications and additional requirements based on what our community of Active Givers would want to see in the future we conducted a user survey  from March 6-15th 2023. In this blog post we want to share with you some insights about our community.

First of all we’d like to thank  all the 100+ participants that took the time to complete the survey. We are very grateful for it.  We’re always striving to improve your experiences in our mobile app and ecosystem. As a thank you gift, we will plant one tree per completed survey with our project partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Let’s start by acknowledging that Active Giving is already a global platform with responses coming from 16 different countries. A large majority came from Germany (60%) followed by USA (10%) and the UK (5%), but also users from Australia, Canada, Slovenia etc. joined our survey.

From all the activities that Active Giving offers, the favorite activities of our community are running (65%), cycling (38%), fitness (36%) and yoga (26%) – multiple answers were possible.

The favorite sporting event that was named most often in our survey was the Berlin Marathon, followed by the same number of mentions for NYC Marathon and Athens Marathon. It appears that  those are the top 3 events where we should become more involved, so even more runners can do good for others while they “experience another life“ (famous quote by polish runner Emil Zatopek: „If you want to run, run a hundred meters; if you want to experience another life, run a marathon.“).

According to our survey almost all of our users do outdoor sporting activities. 50% are also into indoor sports. We’re happy to see that our users enjoy the outdoors and nature when they are physical actives.

When it comes to spreading the news about Active Giving so far, it seems like nothing beats word of mouth. Since our creation in 2020,  all of our growth happened organically through community challenges, friends recommendations or the founders inviting people to download the app, Social Media posts attracting new users, and of course events were a great way to promote Active Giving and to get in touch with it for the first time. 

Regarding the our current impact project partners that we are supporting, 30% are open for more than 10 impact partners. Some of the suggestions for new partners included Unicef, more ocean related projects, Peta, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Ärzte ohne Grenzen,… We hear you! Active Giving is already offering more than planting trees. We are currently in talks with amazing projects that we hope to support very soon. Stay tuned.

While the next decade is almost certain to be hotter, scientists said the main takeaway from the report should be that nations still have enormous influence over the climate for the rest of the century. Every one of us can do something within their own reach. We’re trying to help you do the most with your sporting activities and hoping to educate others to become more eco-conscious and live a more sustainable life.

In the upcoming weeks and months we will keep you updated on our app & community improvements.

If you have further questions about this survey please reach out to bjoern@attention.berlin