Clément Chapel and the team from Ploggathon just completed 100 miles of Plogging (30h34min and 180kg of waste collected) A world record yes but… a very sad one because we are talking about Plogging, the action of running or walking while COLLECTING GARBAGE! According to Clément, “this discipline would not exist if our society was doing well.”

Nonetheless, Clément once again pushed the limits of his body and mind to make visible the pollution that surrounds us.

During the challenge, they also pointed out the responsibility of the retail and fast food industries by emptying some bags of waste collected around their stores into the shopping carts. This little return to sender was accompanied by a kind letter inviting them to take their responsibilities and solutions they already have.

“The best waste is the one we don’t produce!” – says Clément

© Photo Solène Chevreuil