Connect with STORM and they connect you with the environment – their eco-friendly way to working out and supporting our planet.

STORM Boutique Fitness is launching today their eco-friendly relationship with Active Giving on the 09. & 10. November 2021. That means for every STORM workout you complete and register in app, 4 trees will be planted with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. For every non STORM workout you complete, 2 trees will be planted. How quick can the STORM community plant 10.001 trees?

On Tuesday, 09th of November 2021 the launch event will take place in the STORM Bootcamp Neue Welt studio. On Wednesday, 10th of November in the STORM Bootcamp Ostkreuz studio. On both days STORM Bootcamp will offer 3 x 50 minutes workout classes.

Please contact Issy from STORM ( to join.

About STORM (

Inspired, euphoric, challenging, limitless, innovative, inclusive, eco-friendly, primal, classy & fun. All words associated with STORM Boutique Fitness. A world away from the traditional setting of a normal fitness studio. They have created experiences that will instantly fire memories of that one amazing night out you have had in your life and then we have combined it with amazing workouts that not only gets results, allows you to track those results but is also sustainable for today’s hectic lifestyle. State-of-the-art technology and scientific know-how from their partner Polar, the leader in training management and training expertise, provide you with a unique training experience: Based on your personal bio feed-back data, you track the intensity and efficiency of your training. Targeted at the achievers and inspired, the ones that want to associate with brands that are supporting the bigger picture, the ones that want to make their mark on the world and be part of a community that know what they want and where to get it. Passionate people that are looking to create memories through new experiences. STORM Bootcamp and Cycle share the same ethos; to create greatness and long-lasting memories time and time again. All STORM studios are part of the Holmes Place Clubs GmbH and located inside their Place clubs ( Their team of coaches will set the scene, you will create the STORM.

To celebrate this collaboration we have launched 4 STORM teams for 4 STORM studios.