If you want to take care of yourself and do something great for the health of the planet, please join us at 8:30 at ISPO Main Entrance West. Our founder Laurent Petit ( Active Giving) and Katharina Hoffmann (THE GOOD RUN) has been invited to organise a Joy of Movement Run before the convention. You can sign up here

With Joy of Movement, the JOMP Innovation Hub aims at shifting the perspective of physical activity promotion from the rational approach of health benefits to the emotional appeal of joy, fun, excitement, flow, and other positive emotions


The JOMPvention, the Joy of Movement Pioneers’ Convention, is an event of the Joy of Movement Pioneers Innovation Hub (JOMP) that takes place on 28 November in Munich within the framework of ISPO.

ISPO is the world’s largest sports trade fair. At ISPO Munich, the global sports business community with more than 1.600 exhibitors comes together to share perspectives and shape the future of the sport.

The Joy of Movement Pioneers Innovation Hub (JOMP) aim at creating innovative solutions that promote physical activity by unleashing the power of the “Joy of Movement” as the origin of health and happiness.

The JOMPvention – The Joy of Movement Pioneers’ Convention brings together like- minded people to build a community that masterminds, promotes and tests innovative solutions that uses movement and play for health and happiness, based on the understanding of the power of joy. The event provides a detailed presentation of the “Joy of Movement” methodology, with examples from Europe and around the world, and includes interactive parallel workshops.


Over the next ten years, the pandemic of physical inactivity will make 500 million people severely sick: This is what WHO has claimed in 2022. To initiate a decisive change, neither rational arguments, nor a better access to existing sports will be sufficient. As a game changer with respect to the rather inactive part of the population, we will really need a new quality of motivation; that is, to bring Joy of Movement to their emotional and social lives. This is the mission of the Joy of Movement Pioneers Innovation Hub (JOMP), which will be meeting for the first global JOMPvention on November 28 at ISPO. The public panel will present the general idea, but also new insights from the perspectives of elite athletes, active mobility, companies, and sustainability.

Good to know

Changing rooms and shower opportunities will be provided. As well as bag drop.

What to bring

All you need to bring with you is your pair of running shoes, sporty clothes (adapted to the current weather), a towel and a joyful mood.