After the success of his GreeNicoTour 2021, eco-adventurer Nicolas Vandenelsken, founder of Uni-Vert Sport association will embark in a new challenge to complete 100 marathons in 100 days for the climate : the GreeNicoTour 2022.

On September 3, the 30-year-old will take the road from Montargis towards the Grand-Est. In total, it will cover the distance of 4,200 kilometres, crossing 46 departments and 11 regions.

Through his eco-adventure, Nicolas wants to raise awareness of a major issue in our society: the climate. He wants to achieve this new sporting challenge to appeal to as many people as possible in 2022. Even inspire people to accompany him during the tour. He will also by take part of climate awareness events; intervene in schools and leisure centers for awareness-raising with local actors or young people in schools.

This GreeNicoTour will be done in 2 parts:

– The mystery route of 80 stages in 80 days from 03.09 to 21.11. As it progresses, you will discover the message behind the route.

– The course for young people of 20 stages in 20 days from 22.11 to 11.12. (A challenge was offered to several schools in June 2022: to draw the last 20 stages of the GreeNicoTour 2022.)

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Photo credit © Rodolphe Escher