The POW Mobility Month 2023 campaign challenges the outdoor community to reduce their travel emissions by choosing more sustainable forms of transportation during the month of March. Whether you are travelling to work, your favourite outdoor location or across international borders, we ask you to join us in the battle against climate change. As a community of millions, we have the power to shift our travel habits and minimise our transport emissions to reduce our impact on the places we love most. We can pave the way for a greener (and snowier) future. Let’s reframe our journeys!


Help Protect Our Winters, one trip at the time! Let’s reframe our journeys to make them part of the adventure, and choose transport options that cause the least impact to the places and the lifestyles we love. Make your next mission as sustainable as possible, whether it is travelling to work or your favourite outdoor location. See how to join below. 

  • Join your POW chapter team in the Battle of the Chapters by signing up in the Active Giving app: to reduce travel emissions during 1 month and track your sustainable travel via the Active Giving app (more info below!)
  • Challenge your friends, employees and compete against other POW chapter teams in sustainable travel in “The Battle of the Chapters”
  • Share stories on Instagram and use #powmobility & tag @protectourwinterseurope + your local POW chapter team

Have your brand/company and employees join the campaign and help Protect Our Winters spread the message of low carbon mobility, one trip at the time. Whether it’s your daily commute to work or a business trip – we challenge you to reframe your journeys in the battle against climate change. You can participate by competing against other outdoor brands in the POW challenge “Battle of the Brands” – see how below!

  • Create a brand team and challenge your employees to reduce their travel emissions during the month of March. Track your sustainable travel with the Active Giving app, compete against other outdoor brands and see if your company can make it to first place.
  • Pledge to reduce travel emissions during the month of March and thereby engage your customers and community.
  • Making your own creative low-carbon mobility activity and sharing it with us!
  • Share your sustainable travel stories on Instagram (or other social media platforms) using #powmobility & tagging @protectourwinterseurope and @your local POW chapter


During POW Mobility Month our national chapters, partners, ambassadors, and community will challenge themselves in sustainable travels. There will be two battles in Sustainable travel going on throughout the whole month of March. Make sure to join your national POW chapter in the competition! Who can track the most sustainable Km among the national POW chapters and amongst POW partners?! Follow the live score on our website of The Battle of the Chapters and The Battle of the Brands and weekly stage updates on Protect Our Winters Europe’s Instagram.

There will also be four competitions for our community to take part in. A way to put individuals’ sustainable travel skills to the test, reduce travel emissions and compete for amazing prizes from our partners! 

During the month we will also share some travel facts and share our communities’ sustainable travel activities in our Protect Our Winters Europe Instagram @protectourwinterseurope and #POWMobility – make sure to follow the campaign there!

Read more on how to join the competitions, the prizes and more here.