There is more to your workout with STORM. Together with Active Giving & Eden Reforestation Projects every time you complete a workout (either in one of our STORM studios or elsewhere) you can contribute towards planting trees, helping to replenish our planet’s vital forests. STORM Boutique Fitness launched their eco-friendly relationship with Active Giving in November 2021. That means since the launch, for every completed workout in a STORM studio and registered via our team “STORMD” on Active Giving 4 trees were planted. For every workout outside our STORM studios, we also planted 2 trees.

So far, the STORMD community have supported the replenishment of multiple forest types in multiple nations. On average, trees are planted at 2000 trees per hectare

STORM reached their first community milestone of planting 10.001 trees on Sunday October the 9th.

On Sunday the 16th of October 2022, they will celebrate their achievement across all of the STORM studios.

And they don’t stop there; STORM is now about to start their next project… Project 20.002 trees.