We’re excited to join forces with W3Mountain, the leading platform for world’s top mountain and avalanche training.

Together we want to make your experience of the mountains safer! And for this we give you access to learn the basics online in your free time with their new, flexible program – no travel required.

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The « BACKCOUNTRY » course is made for the new generation of riders seeking next-level experiences. Embark on a transformative journey to navigate risks effectively and deepen your mountain skills thanks to their revolutionary Mountaineering Human Factors (MHF©) self-assessment tool.

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Alongside international experts specialized in risk management, sports psychology, nutrition, hydratation and sleep, WEMountain developed the revolutionary Mountaineering Human Factors (MHF©): a self-assessment tool that allows you to explore the influence of the psychological, medical and energy factors on your actions and decisions.

Mountaineering Human Factors (MHF©), your doorway to freedom, pleasure & safety.

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