In collaboration with its official partner MAIF and Active Giving, the French Triathlon Federation is launching the Sport Planète Triathlon Connected Challenge. This summer’s connected challenge has been designed for all triathletes “for a day and for ever” who wish to participate in the reforestation of the French territory.

For several years, the French Triathlon Federation has proposed a number of measures in favor of sustainable development. Such as the Sustainable Development Guide – “a methodological approach to the organization of a sustainable triathlon” or the Sustainable Triathlon label, which aims to identify the organizations that are part of the Sustainable Development approach and implement concrete actions in the field.

Thanks to this new partnership, new actions in the field will be implemented. Participants registered or wishing to register for the Open races Les triathlons du Haut Languedoc Fitdays, Les Triathlons d’Angers and Les Triathlons de Quiberon will simply need to connect to the Active Giving mobile application, then choose the Sport Planète Triathlon team and enter the code that will be sent to them by the race organizer.

This initiative consists in combining the efforts of all the triathletes belonging to the Sport Planète Triathlon Team to support the planting of trees. Indeed, each triathlon activity recorded in the application during the different Open races will be converted into funding to support the association ReforestAction and to carry the project of restoration of a derelict farm in Radinghem (62). Located in the Hauts-de-France in the Pas-de-Calais department, this project takes root in the heart of a previously abandoned agricultural area. The owner wished to establish a diversified afforestation thanks to the introduction of a panel of 10 species.

Photo: © FFTRI / Activ’Images