We’re happy to introduce you to our #activator Laura-Lee, a thirty one year old self-employed, content creator, traveler and online marketing enthusiast. She writes a green travel and lifestyle blog (thetravellette.com) and creates content on Instagram. No matter what she does, her focus has become sustainability throughout the last two years.

She used to live in the beautiful city of Barcelona for about six years and then went on a world trip for a year. As she was visiting her family in the beginning of 2018, she was brought back to her hometown. Since then she lives in a village close to Hamburg surrounded by lots of nature, but still traveling as much as she can, but now in a more sustainable way.

Sports are a big part of Laura-Lee’s daily routine. Looking back she told us that she was always doing some type of sports. « As a kid I participated in swimming competitions, streetdance dance classes, ballet and I tried many different types of ball sports ». When she grew older she went running almost everyday before university as a way to clear her head and have a fresh start into the day. It was around that time that she signed up to a gym for the first time. 

Later on she discovered different types of courses. One of her favorite still being Body Combat. Through the Corona virus she decided to cancel her subscription to the gym and started with a new routine at home. Every morning, when she wakes up, she starts her day with a yoga practice. Sometimes it is one hour and sometimes just 15 min. « But I almost never skip it » Laura-Lee says. In the afternoon she tries to go for a run in nature and then work out a little in her basement. With her husband, they invested in second hand weights, dumbbells, resistance bands and other items as soon as Corona started. 

« I enjoy yoga and running in the woods or by the sea the most. I also love to dance once in a while. It makes you happy and free. I try to do at least one activity per day. »

When we asked Laura-Lee what her tips to stay active and motivated are, she told us that what it is important is to find one activity that one enjoys a lot. May it be dancing, swimming, football, running, gym workouts for martial arts. And then it is crucial to make it a habit. Which according to her takes about 30 days. So if you start doing one activity that you like for about a month, you might start missing it once you stop. 

Working a lot behind her computer makes it super stressful for her back. So when she doesn’t work out, she gets neck and back pain and slowly get inactive and tired. Avoiding pain and longtime injuries is basically her motivation. And the feeling of accomplishment when the workout is done, as Laura-Lee says « There is almost nothing better than the feeling after a workout. For me working out is a big part of my self love routine. »

Besides being really active, one of her biggest goals is to make people reconsider their consumption choices by showing them that it is not that difficult to live a happy life while harming the planet less (or not at all). She likes to share her tips and tricks on sustainable lifestyle and green travel on her Instagram and blog. She is also supporting green businesses with their social media presence. When asking her about more projects to come, she told us that she has two bigger projects on going right now, « but they are still secret ». So stay tuned!

Laura-Lee heard about Active Giving for the first time as someone she follows on Instagram recommended it to her. 

« Active Giving combines for me working out in nature and giving something back to nature. »

She loves doing sports outside (preferably in the sun). The outdoors make her feel grounded and since that is something so important to her, she loves how Active Giving supports sustainability. She cannot imagine working out and not typing in her activity into her Active Giving app anymore. « It is so much fun too. »



Laura-Lee decided to create her own team as she wanted to have a common project with her Instagram followers and wanted to make Active Giving more known, « because it is such a great app ». Her team has now more than 80 members! You can join her team #ActiveforTrees with code « LOOOOS ». As of today her team already planted 1172 trees. 

Not only Laura-Lee is very active, but she has become more and more environmentally conscious over the years. For her, that was really a process which started about five years ago, when she became vegan. Learning a lot about nutrition and the impact of it on our planet was interesting and at the same time shocking. She did not know that her choices of diet and food were supporting climate change. 

Although she used to travel a lot, traveling helped her see the beauty of mother earth and understand how important it is that people change the habits and that we can all understand that we´re in this together.  

We asked Laure-Lee to give us her tips to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives: 

  1. Go vegan
  2. Ask yourself every time you want to buy something, if you really need it and if there is a more sustainable way to it, e.g. second hand or if you can repair the thing you already owe
  3. Buy seasonal, ecological food and try to avoid plastic the best you can