Running Out of Time is a record-breaking 7 767 km non-stop relay from Glasgow (COP26 host) to Sharm el-Sheikh (COP27 host) in the name of climate action! Launching on September 30th with a run for 3 000 school students in central Glasgow, it will comprise 700+ (mostly 10 km) stages and travel through 18 countries before arriving at Sharm el-Sheikh on November 6th for the start of COP 27. Inside the baton will be a message on climate action from the young people of today to the world’s leaders at COP 27.

Powered exclusively by humans, the sun and the wind, the relay will unite runners, cyclists and sailors in an extraordinary, epic adventure. The baton will cross seas, mountain ranges, glaciers, and deserts and visit schools, at-risk locations and climate change projects. Gathering support every step of the way, it will arrive at COP 27 with the backing of more than a million voices.

Running Out of Time has been created by One Run – the global leaders in mass participation relays – and is only possible thanks to their environmental, educational and running partners.

Find below the key Information for Runners & Cyclists

  1. Route Map, Stage Details & Registration :
  2. Stage length : Running stages are generally 5 – 10 km  ; cycling stages are generally 10 – 20 km long.
  3. Running pace : you need to be able to run 10 km in 70 minutes.
  4. Number of runners and cyclists per stage : Up to 25 runners per running stage and up to 10 cyclists per cycling stage.
  5. Age : Over 18 unless accompanied by a responsible adult
  6. FAQs :
  7. Dates : 30th September  – 6th November, 2022
  8. Cost :  €8 which includes a donation to our charity partners
  9. Discounts : discounts are available for students ; running & cycling clubs ;  and for people taking on multiple stages
Key Dates
September 30th                       Running Out of Time Relay begins in Glasgow!
Sept. 30th  – Oct. 8th                 UK relay stages
Oct. 9th                                    The Channel crossing (Dover to Calais)
Oct. 10th                                  France
Oct. 10th  – 11th                        Belgium
Oct. 11th  – 13th                        Netherlands
Oct. 13th  – 16th                        Germany
Oct. 16th  – 17th                        Austria
Oct. 17th  – 18th                        Italy
Oct. 18th  – 19th                        Slovenia
Oct. 19th – 20th                        Croatia
Oct. 20th  – 22nd                       Bosnia and Herzegovina
Oct. 22nd                                  Montenegro
Oct. 22nd  – 24th                       Albania
Oct. 24th  – 27th                        Greece
Oct. 27th – 31st                        The Mediterranean crossing (Athens to Paphos)
Oct. 31st                                     Cyprus
Oct. 31st  – 1st Nov                   The Mediterranean crossing (Larnaca to Haifa)
Nov. 1st – 4th                           Israel
Nov. 5th – 6th                            Egypt
Nov. 6th                                  Relay finishes in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt!
No matter if you join the Relay in person or virtually, you can take part of the Running Out of Time Team on Active Giving.
By joining the Running Out of Time Team your activities will support our tree planting partner Trees for the Future