We’re are extremely happy to announce our collaboration with faircado, a Berlin based start-up that has created a browser plug-in that provides you with second-hand alternatives available for the products you are looking for. The perfect way to go for your next sport items!

Faircado is an AI-powered browser extension that helps you find the best pre-loved alternatives when you shop online by searching from a database of 10+ million products from 70 different trustworthy partners.

You can download it for free here

Faircado was founded for one reason and one reason only – to turn our currently linear economy into a circular one. Globally, 9,000 smartphones and the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothes end up in landfills every second. Overall, only about 9 percent of the world’s resources are reused multiple times as part of the circular economy. This means that more than 90 percent of extracted resources no longer add value after their first use and remain as “waste” in our ecosystems. Faircado was born to contribute to fixing this broken system by encouraging people to buy used whenever possible. Read our interview here with faircado’s co-founder and CEO, Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael.

Make sure you download faircado for free here for your next pre-owned sport equipments!