We are happy to introduce our new partner UNIQLO and their new collaboration with Swedish top athletes, a UNIQLO+ collection that embodies a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Designed for maximum comfort and peak performance—from working out to life on the go, this is LifeWear at its best—super functional, thoughtful, and responsibly made for our future. UNIQLO+ is clothing with a + Adding technology and ease, plus a positive mindset. It’s about going for it. Always moving forward. Focusing on what’s next: a healthier, better life for all.

UNIQLO completed this eco-friendly clothing collection by partnering with Sweden, a world leader in sustainability. Sweat-absorbing, quick-drying DRY-EX items employ polyester from recycled plastic bottles and polyester fibres derived from renewable biomass. Parkas incorporate fluorine-free water repellent agents. UNIQLO sought to develop sustainable garments that wearers love for being comfortable around the clock – in and out of competition.

The designs of the logo and the clothing of UNIQLO+ collection feature the “+” motif. It’s inspired by the Swedish flag, transformed into a plus to convey UNIQLO’s encouragement to the people seeking an active and healthy life through the motif’s implied messages of addition, growth, and connections. The positivity of “+” aims to foster athletic excellence.

UNIQLO’s TEAM SWEDEN BRAND AMBASSADORS, comprised of 11 top Swedish athletes and two olympics legends.

From left to right: Lina Watz (Swimming), Sofia Mattsson (Wrestling), Alex Kessidis (Wrestling), Anna-Carin Ahlquist (Wheelchair Table Tennis), Agnes Alexiusson (Boxing), Fredrik Bergström (Sailing), Jenny Rissveds (Mountainbike Cross-Country), Anton Dahlberg (Sailing).