Meet MasterBorn Software – a value-driven company that cares about individuals’ wellbeing and the planet by supporting our Active Giving GmbH community.

Not only their support helped us reach our first 1 000 000 trees. Moreover their team is really into sports! For instance they took part in the Poland Business Run and the MB Team ran to help.

Also MasterBorn’s CEO, , rode 333km in the Race Across France and took third place.

They also have an American football player (go Panthers Wrocław!), dancers, yogis and many lovers of mountain sports in their team.

What is more, they are the official partner of Kryki Sports – a Seattle-based amateur cycling team.

MasterBorn builds successful JavaScript products for innovators and disruptive startups. Their Clients are exclusively U.S.-based companies.

We’re looking forward to create more positive impact on our planet with MasterBorn and their team of active employees!