On the occasion of World Table Tennis Day, we had the chance to meet with Dan Zell, the founder of Toucan, a berlin based eco-friendly tennis table brand.

“We don’t just want to make table tennis bats, balls and apparel which look beautiful.”

Toucan wants to make equipment which respects and celebrates our environment and our planet.

Find out more about their commitments here

Toucan is now offering our Active Giving community with a 10% discount on their order with code ACTIVEGIVING

Discover their great products here

World Table Tennis Day celebration aims to promote table tennis as a sport for all, regardless of age, gender, or ability. The celebration also encourages the use of table tennis to promote social development, inclusion, and environmental sustainability. This is an event where EVERYONE can show their love and appreciation for the planet and people’s prosperity.

The interactive events including expert talks, panel discussions, home workouts, and celebration events around the globe will guarantee an exciting day full of fun and inspiration towards a sustainable future.

This year sustainability will be at the heart of the occasion.

Think Sustainably, Act Now

Join the various online events here and participate in making the World better, stronger, and more sustainable through table tennis.