Alex and sports are inseparable, even if he does not have a main sport. He rather loves to use all kinds of activities to stay as fit as possible. This includes: cycling, swimming, workout, boxing, rowing and more! In addition, there is nothing that he enjoys more than a good competition, so if you are ready, he is waiting for your challenge!
Alex joined Active Giving as an intern to support the team with product management and business development as well as creating social media challenges for you. Therefore, he will give his best to help creating the best experience for you as a user and to enable you to maximize your positive impact on our environment.

Here are some personal facts about Alex:

  • What food comes onto your plate? Curry, Sushi, Pad Thai and other Asian dishes.
  • What do you always have as snacks at home? Dried chassis and ice cream.
  • What fear of getting older do you have? Not being able to pursue my sports.
  • What topic/activity/environment can you lose yourself in? Riding my bicycle along a coast.
  • My Sport(s): Cycling, swimming & fitness
  • What do you hope never changes? The motivation to keep on working on the right thing.
  • What do you wish you knew more about? The point of views of others.
  • The no. 1, why you are part of Active Giving: Motivating people towards sport activities for a good cause.