You wanna go for a run in Berlin and learn all about trees and forests? Then you should join Till and he will show you around Berlin’s Grunewald, which is his home turf for short, medium or long runs under any condition.

Till will ensure that the Active Giving app will keep you motivated and active while contributing to a good cause. He will make sure that the app helps you become more sustainable and find a network of like minded people to connect with.

Here are some personal facts about Till:

  • What food comes onto your plate? Plant rich with healthy carbs (lentils, beans and rice)
  • What do you always have as snacks at home? Dried dates & figs
  • What fear of getting older to you have? How climate change will affect us when we are older.
  • What topic/activity/environment can you lose yourself in? In the forest, when going for a run.
  • My Sport(s): Running, cycling, yoga
  • What do you hope never changes? Solidarity of people in critical times
  • What do you wish you knew more about? Statistics
  • The no. 1, why you are part of Active Giving: To be able to contribute to the health of our planet by providing a solution that people can adapt into their lifestyle and learn from how to benefit in the future