About World Wide Fund for Nature

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has the mission to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and create a future in which people and nature live together in harmony. It became the largest and most influential environmental organisation in Germany. Their projects are national and international and prove that the responsible use of natural resources are compatible with sustainable economic development. In Germany, the organisation is particularly committed to the protection of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, coasts, river systems, wetlands and forests and want to ensure that endangered species such as the wolf, lynx, bear, otter, eagle and sturgeon can colonise their habitats undisturbed and are respected as inhabitants and indicators of an intact nature.

Read more about the Word Wide Fund for Nature Forest Project on their website.

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About WeForest

WeForest is an international non-profit that develops high quality forest restoration and conservation projects for companies committed to stopping global warming. In addition to drawing CO2 out of the atmosphere, trees balance the Earth’s water cycle which is essential for cooling our climate. Moreover, growing trees through WeForest helps provide income to local people, improves the health of the soil and benefits biodiversity.

Their vision is a world where communities and nations sustainably manage their forests and natural resources for the benefit of our climate, our environment and humanity. While their mission is to build upon corporate and scientific partnerships, WeForest empowers communities to sustainably advance and implement innovative, high standard, scalable and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes. WeForest has the goal to successfully transform 250,000 ha of existing forest landscape by 2021, as well as restoring 25,000 ha of former forest land including the plantation of 25 million trees, while demonstrating Forest and Landscape Restoration best practices in different ecosystems. WeForest is committed to developing applied research projects that will help understand and improve practices. Currently, the organization is active in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Brazil, Malawi, Zambia, and India. Active Giving specifically supports the Brazil forest project.

Read more about WeForest on their website.

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About Green City Solutions

Green City Solutions’ (GCS) vision is “Living healthily with every breath”.

This means creating cities in which people can live a healthy life by creating living conditions that allow all people around the world to permanently have cleaner air to breathe. Green City Solutions is based in Berlin and offers the world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality in cities. This filter uses the ability of certain moss cultures to filter pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides from the air.

Read more about Green City Solutions on their website.

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