How can I support?


The best way to support is to share the message about this initiative with friends, colleagues and family. Whether in a story on instagram (and tag : or directly, we are happy to receive as many donations as viable.

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Who receives the donations?


The goods are being taken to a local welfare organisation AWO-Mitte. They will be distributing the goods to refugee camps in and around Berlin. They also support integration projects to which some of the goods will be provided for.

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What about other goods?


Other goods such as bikes and other bulky items are also appreciated, while we don't have the logistics right now. Feel free to reach out to Active Giving if you have such items.

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What goods can I donate?


The following goods are highly demanded: Shoes Clothes t-shirts, pullovers & hats shorts & pants outerwear (coast, jackets, beanies, scarves, gloves) sportswear Towels & Bed linen Sanitary products (unused) Household items such as water cookers, pots, pans Kids Toys Please note: the goods should still be in a good shape (e.g. would you still wear it? Or are they ripped, dirty or with holes?). Also it is highly appreciated [...]

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Where can I bring the products?


We have chosen to place boxes at our loyal friends businesses: Arabica Coffee at Reichenberger Str. 36 (Kreuzberg) Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park at Lohmühlenstraße 65 (Kreuzberg) Factory Berlin Mitte at Rheinsberger Straße 76 (Mitte) Avocai Food at Brunnenstr. 165 (Mitte) Ride-Berlin Mitte at Schützenstrasse 70 (Mitte) Ride-Berlin City West at Lietzenburger Straße 86 (Charlottenburg) Scholz Umzüge Möbelspedition at Buchholzer Str. 62-65 (Pankow) You can find opening hours of each [...]

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Why do you do this initiative?


As fall and winter are approaching and many people in Berlin are sorting out their clothes and households. We would like to use this momentum and your support to provide goods to the AWO Mitte, a welfare organisation, who will distribute the donations to refugee camps and other social integration projects they support. While you would make some space in your closets and households to purchase new things, this [...]

Why do you do this initiative?2020-01-10T18:12:20+01:00
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