What is the vision of Active Giving?


Short-term we want to provide a platform through which active people and forward-thinking companies as sponsors can contribute to environmental causes and showing their impact, as well as gain knowledge about environmental issues and projects. In the future we also want to expand our non-profit offerings to humanitarian, sealife and other meaningful projects that need the most support.

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Why should I join the Active Giving movement?


By joining Active Giving you can contribute to a better world by simply being active and not changing any behavior. You will get rewarded by doing good for yourself and doing good for the planet.

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How does Active Giving work?


You can use the Active Giving app to track your runs or bike-rides or enter your last workout. Active Giving will generate financial contributions to charitable projects based on your activities and pay these in recurring intervals to the projects.

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Why do you do what you do?


We believe that the act of doing good in today's world is not in-line with our daily behaviors, actions and tools. Therefore we want to tap into an existing behavior of our users (sports activity) and combine it with existing spendings of companies (spending marketing budgets) and with that increase funding volumes non-profits receive to create a higher impact on current issues. Born out of own personal experiences where [...]

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Is Active Giving a non-profit organisation?


No, Active Giving is not a non-profit organisation. We are a social enterprise that applies strategies & operations of commercial companies that will benefit environmental causes. While we have common values and share operational processes, our revenue model and funding source differ from typical non-profits.

Is Active Giving a non-profit organisation?2020-04-17T09:45:29+01:00
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