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“STORM is ready to plant trees for every workout you complete. The more you workout with us, the more trees we will plant.”
“EVO will plant trees for every workout you complete at our EVO clubs or outside. Track your workout for a positive impact on your health and the planet’s health.”
“Make the world a better place by doing what you love the most.”
“We are Hannah and Annelina – We love yoga, drinking coffee and trees. That is why we want to plant as many trees as possible. Come and join us on this journey.”
“Warrior 1, 2 and 3 to plant those trees.”
“Lasst uns gemeinsam bewegen und Bäume pflanzen! Egal, ob laufen, radfahren oder Yoga, mach mit für den guten Zweck!”
“Join the #teamyellow and track your tennis or sports session to plant a tree!”
“Let’s connect, practice yoga together & plant some trees to create a world we want to live in.”
“Committed to sports, committed to climate rescue! Committed to planting trees!”
“Mein Name ist Nike, ich bin Hockeynationalspielerin und möchte gemeinsam mit Euch unseren Planeten schützen. Kennt ihr das Gefühl, wenn man so viel Energie hat, dass man Bäume ausreißen möchte? Nun ja, lasst uns die Energie doch dieses Mal nutzen, um Bäume zu pflanzen :)”
“We all love sports in nature. Sportel with us sso that many new trees will be planted”
“Let´s flow together!There are classes from Pre-, Postnatal to advanced vinyasa flow yoga.”
“Help planting more trees in the world because of training with teamDaphne. Every minute you train you will plant A piece of A tree.”