Our Activators Clément Chapel and Nicolas Vandenelsken’s GreeNicoTour team set two new world plogging records last weekend, one individually, the other as a team, covering 64 and 59 kilometers, for more than 320kg of waste collected in total.

Both were preparing for the Ploggathon 100, a solidarity challenge whose objective is to turn waste left in nature into tons of edible fruit for everyone.

This event will take place from May 13 to 30. Clément Chapel, its founder, has thus planned to run 100 kilometers – just that! – to launch this Ploggathon. A feat that he will accomplish in a “duel” with Nicolas Vandenelsken, ambassador of the event. Clément will thus represent the south of France and Nicolas will run for the north. To train and communicate on the upcoming event, the two ploggers therefore embarked on a world record attempt … A real success!