Keego is joining the Active Giving movement!

Keego’s mission is to bringing clean, healthy and sustainable drinking into the world of sports. They have created a bottle made of a layered construction with a pure titanium inner surface keeping your water pure and preventing mold. Outside a most durable plastic keeps the bottle light and elastic.

How is KEEGO better than a standard plastic bottle?

The three main benefits they are focusing on are:

1. true and lasting taste,
2. purity of the drink (no migration of plastic ingredients) and
3. prevent mould-growing.

In this way they want to increase the bottle’s lifetime and go against the throw-away mentality.

By combining the best of metal and plastic bottles, your drink remains clean and fresh while the bottle itself is lightweight and elastic.

KEEGO and Active giving are working together to support reforestation projects. For every KEEGO bottle you buy 30 trees get planted through Active giving.

1 KEEGO = 30 trees

All you need to do is to choose your favorite KEEGO and add the code “activegiving” in the checkout (to the voucher field). Here is the link to it