Brittany is a certified yoga instructor and happy to roll out her yoga mat whenever and wherever! Are you curious about how to collaborate with Active Giving? Brittany can figure out how we can best support your company or project. Whether it be initiating a new digital marketing collaboration, coordinating an exclusive team challenge or funding a social or environmental project.

Here are some personal facts about Britt:

  • What food comes onto your plate? Pizza, and on a good day it’s vegan pizza.
  • What do you always have as snacks at home? Chocolate pudding
  • What fear of getting older do you have? None. I can’t predict the future but I can work for the one I want.
  • What topic/activity/environment can you lose yourself in? While studying yoga and contemplating philosophy.
  • My Sport(s): Crossfit, yoga
  • What do you hope never changes? The ability to love without reason
  • What do you wish you knew more about? The relationship between consciousness and time.
  • The no. 1, why you are part of Active Giving: To share a practice that integrates personal health and wellbeing with the wellbeing of our environment.

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